Azteca Enterprises, Inc., in a joint venture with Coverall Management, recently completed the new Elections and Warehouse project for Dallas County. The project houses the administrative staff of the Dallas County Elections Department. Also, it serves as a warehouse for all the electronic equipment used in conducting public elections, administered and overseen by county personnel. The project included the renovation of 42,500 square feet of administrative space that provides for several sizeable training areas with significant security and modern computer and communications systems. The renovation included 45,500 square feet of the warehouse area, which functions as a data center for equipment updates, testing, and maintenance.

Azteca-Coverall JV established the team to exceed the county’s commitment to increasing minority participation at the prime contractor level and to help Coverall, a smaller minority-owned company, enhance its capacity. “In the fall of 2019, Azteca celebrated its 30th anniversary. Azteca wouldn’t be the established and recognized company it is today had I not been helped by generous mentors at companies larger than my own,” Luis says. “At the time, Azteca was working on another project with Coverall, and I saw the Coverall team’s desire to grow. The elections facility project was the perfect potential opportunity to pay it forward and involve another minority contractor.”

The Azteca-Coverall Joint Venture managed the team collaboratively and as a tool for enhanced workforce development by hiring second-chance workers through the RBCA Second-Chance program. This project was a thriving testament to collaboration, out-of-the-box thinking, and a willingness to provide opportunities. Bluebook Magazine featured the project in the Spring 2020 issue.