Challenging demolition
and preservation

900 tons
structural steel

Dallas County Records Complex

Azteca Enterprises, Inc. served as a super-sub on the complicated Dallas County Records Complex renovation. The project consists of unifying three historic structures by building connecting spaces. All floors above level 4 were removed and replaced to line up between the three buildings to make access between the buildings easier and improve the structure’s overall function. Over 900 tons of structural steel was added to the building core while maintaining and preserving its historic exterior façade.

The Records Building Complex is one of the oldest facilities in the County’s real estate portfolio and includes three separate buildings totaling 286,936 square feet:

  • The Old Criminal Courts Building (1915)
  • The Records Building (1928)
  • The Records Building Annex (1955)

Azteca managed the complicated demolition, structural steel, and concrete packages for the $138 M project.


Government/Municipal | Historic Renovation


Dallas County


286,936 SF


Dallas, TX


Historic renovation
Challenging demolition and preservation
900 tons structural steel


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