Project Description

Federal security
badging standards

Multiple task awards over time

DFW Airport Job Order Contract

DFW Airport selected Azteca for a job order contract for miscellaneous airside and landside airport work. Task orders varied, but critical assignments included: installation of additional protection to the electric systems in Terminal D, replacement of exhaust fans, including ductwork/grills inside a solvent storage room, remodeling Design, Code & Construction department, and installing TSA express screening lanes at four entrances and in 2 different terminals. Azteca completed task order projects with care to minimize the impact on daily airport operations/traffic while ensuring that budget constraints were met.

Other project assignments included:

  • Executive Suite Finish-out
  • Sanitary sewer rerouting
  • Badging Office finish-out
  • Waterproof storage
  • Restroom wall carpeting
  • Ticket Counter modifications
  • Life safety system upgrades
  • Ramp lines
  • Roof access security




DFW Airport




DFW Airport, TX


Highly secured site
Federal security badging standards
Multiple task awards over time


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