Delivered $4M
Under budget

Ahead of schedule

Nueces County Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project

OCI served as the program manager to deliver the $54M comprehensive infrastructure rehabilitation project for Nueces County. The project encompassed 400 miles of paved roads, 300 miles of caliche roads, and 249 bridges with scope including concrete & asphalt rehabilitation and concrete culverts. OCI  divided the work into 26 separate construction packages consisting of 14 road packages and 12 bridge packages. The projects were organized by geography, with the first road package commencing construction three months after Nueces County awarded the contract to OCI. One guideline suggested by Nueces County, and utilized by OCI, was to further divide the construction packages into varying size and scope projects to allow all contractors, small and large. The roads ranged from 3-mile to 45-mile packages with bridges ranging from 2 box culverts to a package of 4 multi-span bridges. Two road packages consisted of “Heavy Duty” roads (totaling 22 miles), subject to large volume truck traffic. These roads required an increased road base and a thickened asphalt surface. Great care was taken to ensure affected school districts were updated with construction schedules and assistance provided by OCI for travel routes to be utilized by buses. OCI aligned scheduled work near schools following classroom schedules to avoid interrupting the learning environment. Refineries were updated as to progress as well as provided with suggested truck routes during construction. OCI scheduled construction to completion before “Hawk Migrating Season” which covered a 10-mile radius within the project work zone.

Furthermore, the project team created a website featuring interactive maps suggesting travel routes during construction, in addition to radio updates to keep the public informed. At one point during construction, Hurricane Rita threatened Corpus Christi resulting in an evacuation order. Thankfully, evacuation proceeded without issue. OCI completed the Nueces County Infrastructure Project was completed on time and returned $4M of unused construction budget to Nueces County residents.




Nueces County


700 miles


Corpus Christi, TX


700 miles
Delivered $4M Under budget
Ahead of schedule


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